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Frequently Asked Question

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Yes. You need to specify which countries you intend to visit as there are additional costs for cross-border travel and this may also influence which supplier we choose for your rental due to the country restrictions varying between suppliers

A tour operator is someone who makes all the arrangements for the tourists who will be visiting SA e.g. accommodation, transport and places of attractions – Which means you get all your bookings done at one place and keep track of your bookings with one company. Booking directly means you have to keep track of all terms and conditions, payments, bookings etc. As a tour operator, we are with you through every step.

All quotes will include comprehensive insurance (terms and conditions of each will apply)

At this time, travel to South Africa is permitted for all purposes. Travellers entering South Africa are required to complete a health questionnaire and to produce a negative Covid-19 test as per latest South African Government Gazette. We have always recommended that a negative PCR test would be best suited to satisfy entry requirements.

In order to confirm your vehicle and guarantee your reservation, you need to pay the rental amount prior to collection of the vehicle. You will then receive a confirmation voucher with your reservation details of the car rental company that the vehicle is booked with.

You need to be over the age of 21 and have had your valid driver’s licence for over 3 years (luxury cars are different with minimum age being 25 and a valid driver’s licence for over 5 years).  

It is not mandatory, but is preferred. You can tent a vehicle with your driver’s licence issued by your country as long as it is in English or has an English translation. 

Whether or not a refund is permitted, would be dependant on the policy made available by a supplier. Your dedicated travel expert / support team would be able to assist you with this information.